Friday, October 23, 2015

Disclaimer, sort of

Just because I am sharing medicinal herbs and what I am doing with them, in no way am I suggesting any of them as a medical cure. For crying out loud do some reading and research, I have. Modern medicine has done some wonderful things and some pretty horrific things too, and the drug companies IMHO do not have our best interest in mind when they come up with the drugs they are.

So my thinking is why not look into what has been used for thousands of years, modern medicine has only been doing what they do for a little over one hundred. BUT if I get hit by a truck crossing the road take my busted butt to the emergency room, do not offer me a cup of herbal tea instead.

I am no doctor, and sure as heck do not want anyone to think I am offering any medical advice. I am only sharing what I have learned and what I am doing with that knowledge. Of course I am having fun too, it has always been a passion of mine to learn what nature has to offer out there in the wild. Some the edibles growing wild even in the urban areas I have lived are a hoot to discover and some are down right delicious.
 Here are some pictures of some of the wild things I love to forage for. I will rate each of them on a scale of 1-10, 10 being awesome and 1 being edible but not so hot
Morel 10

Chanterelle 8

Huckleberry 8

King Bolete 9

Oyster Mushroom 8

Salial berries 5

Stinging Nettle 7

Dandelion 7

I will post more pictures but there are many that need no photo like blackberries good GOD they are everywhere. Some, you really have to look hard for like Lambsquarter, and Sheeps sorrel. Some are easy to find like Cattail. Just a note of caution I see Cattail from the road all the time but would not ever consider eating any of those, who knows what vile crap drained into the area they are growing in? Oil?, spilled gas? let alone the fumes from vehicles. So if your going to go out looking, do some reading, talk to someone who has been out looking and knows a little something about foraging. If your nice they might take you with them sometime.

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