Friday, October 23, 2015

Materia Medica, Licorice Fern Root

Common Name: Licorice Fern

Latin Name: Polypodium glycyrrhiza

Parts used: Roots

Identification Notes: A fern as pictured, found on rocks, mossy tree trunks, logs etc, below 600 metres in coniferous and mixed forests in California, Oregon and Washington. Our experience is that they are found almost exclusively on Maples here on the south Oregon coast.

How used:Little is documented about it medicinal value, native Americans used it as a pleasant drink, also was chewed raw and is quite tasty. It is said to sooth mucus membranes, and good for sore throat, and cough. We use it to make tea, dried root boiled and add a little honey wow it is delicious. 
Dose: n/a
Document Results: Made into a tincture10-15-2015 will test this to see if there is any benefit, for cough and congestion.
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