Sunday, October 25, 2015

Materia Medica, Stinging Nettle

Common Name: Stinging Nettle

Latin Name: Urtica dioica

Parts used: Roots, Stems, and Leaves

Identification Notes: Square stem and up to 6' tall but normally 2-4' tall. Visible hairs on the stem and leaves will irritate most peoples skin. A plant like this, with so many uses should be one of the plants everyone knows at a glance. Even if your in doubt, as soon as your bare skin comes in contact with it you will be certain it IS Stinging Nettle. Mother Nature is kind to us though and if you look around anywhere you see Nettle you will find one or more of the following to use as an antidote to the stinging. Mint, Dock, Rosemary, and Sage.

How used: This is another one of those plants with so many useful attributes it is amazing. Medicinal uses, check, nutritionally excellent, check. It can also be made into cordage/ string/ rope. And if that doesn't float your boat, it is also used as a fabric dye. Here is a link to a good page for info on this awesome plant.....Stinging Nettle
Document Results:We make a tea from the dried leaves, and will in the future make a tincture.
Side Effects and Cautions: This is copied from WebMD and I think it is wise to let you all know.

"Special Precautions & Warnings:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Stinging nettle is LIKELY UNSAFE to take during pregnancy. It might stimulate uterine contractions and cause a miscarriage. It’s also best to avoid stinging nettle if you are breast-feeding.

Diabetes: There is some evidence stinging nettle above ground parts can decrease blood sugar levels. It might increase the chance of low blood sugar in people being treated for diabetes. Monitor your blood sugar carefully if you have diabetes and use stinging nettle.

Low blood pressure: Stinging nettle above ground parts might lower blood pressure. In theory, stinging nettle might increase the risk of blood pressure dropping too low in people prone to low blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure, discuss stinging nettle with your healthcare provider before starting it.

Kidney problems: The above ground parts of stinging nettle seem to increase urine flow. If you have kidney problems, discuss stinging nettle with your healthcare provider before starting it."

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  1. FULL DISCLOSURE: the following Facebook post is from a friend of mine (checks in the mail Max) LOL

    Max Linden: I had a terrible and painful sunburn. A friend who is a Chiropractor and Homeopathic practitioner gave me a single dose of Stinging Nettle and pain was gone in a couple hours and skin was well on way to looking normal next morning, and I am a Red Head.

    Bruce Grieve: Awesome what way did you take it?

    Max Linden Drops in water.

    Bruce Grieve So a tincture? (Alcohol) or was it like a strong tea?

    Max Linden Tincture